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Green Ocean Group Pty Ltd

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Phone: +61 490 806 993


© 2019 by Green Ocean Group Pty Ltd. | Proudly Fighting Climate Change


Hi there! We are Jose and Natalia, husband and wife living in Sydney, Australia. We are ocean, nature and animal lovers! We surf and swim pretty much every day, and just like you, we are so distressed by all the plastic waste in the ocean.


Natalia is a businesswoman and HR lover, and Jose is an Architect with a crazy Sustainable focus, both with project management experience in two countries who just wanted to commit to the cause and help clean our oceans and give everyone the best plastic-free alternative!


We created Green Ocean Group to distribute water-soluble and compostable products, which will replace single-use plastics bags and some of the plastic packaging film in all Australia. 


We have to say that the most important fact is that we are like you! We are a young family business (let´s say we are young), fighting for what we think it´s important and that´s why we are open to everyone who wants to help in our cause to protect our oceans and our planet.

What is Green Ocean Group?

¨The Global Plastic Pollution is an opportunity to change the market for the better, but also to help people being more environmentally conscious¨

Green Ocean Group Co-Founders


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high-quality water-soluble products to all Australian plastic users, through other businesses, in order to create a great impact by reducing plastic waste from landfills and our oceans.

Our Vision

A world without plastic pollution and more people environmentally conscious


According to the following Facts:

  • 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by the Ocean (now heavily affected by plastic waste)

  • Plastic production is around 300 million tons every year which 50% is for single-use purposes

  • 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year

  • Only 12% of the 8 million it´s recycled in Australia

  • It´s estimated to double up to 16 million metric tons of plastic waste in 2025


Green Ocean Group Goals are:

  • Ocean and marine life protection

  • Fast reduction of plastic pollution in the world

  • Eliminate all plastic bags (Starting in Australia)

  • Fight against deforestation, especially in the Amazon Rainforest (for a stable climate and 20% of worlds oxygen)

Green Ocean Group way to Help is:

  • Reduce severely plastic consumption, and therefore, people´s daily carbon footprint, by selling affordable compostable products that dissolve in hot water 

  • Help the population with the process of recycling by using GOG products

  • Protect marine life by spreading GOG products

  • Donate to a tree plantation in the Amazon Rainforest to help nature to keep the roughly 6% of world oxygen and to keep absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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