About Us

About Green Ocean Group

Green Ocean Group Australia offers water-soluble and compostable alternatives to toxic plastic bags that are able to be dissolved within minutes, after reuse! These products also break down in compostable conditions or anywhere oxygen and microorganisms exist, with no toxic or microplastic residues, cool right?

Established in October 2019, Natalia Contreras and Jose Yunis founded Green Ocean Group (GOG), with the mission of reducing as much toxic plastic as possible, dissolving one bag at a time! Nati and Jose created GOG after watching all the plastic out there and coming from/to the ocean, as our founders are huge ocean lovers and wanted to do something about it!

To be honest, there are ton of greenwashing out there, and getting real information about real sustainable alternatives to plastics is quite difficult. Which is why we are 100% transparent to inform our customers on anything you want to know. We love to chat directly with our customers, understand your concerns and help you get the best solution for you.

​We are also donating 1% of the profits to plant between 1 to 500 trees for every custom product purchase, and 1 tree per shopping bag (online purchase), planting in several locations around the world, in order to offset our carbon emissions and to help our environment further. Remember that trees also provide oxygen and already offset plenty of CO2. 

We have the vision of a world without toxic plastics in our oceans, imagine that! Also, giving this water-soluble solutions to other businesses will make you improve your environmental impact and reduce your customers' carbon footprint, so we can make a positive change in the world, together!


But what is the difference between our water-soluble and compostable bags vs regular compostable bags?

Well, for starters, our bags are able to dissolve from solid to liquid with cold or hot water! Our bags are made of non-toxic materials, similar to regular compostable bags. Something in common is that our bags and film also contain cornstarch, which helps for compostability.

One difference is that our bags are not waterproof and regular compostable bags are (for a while), but that's the whole idea of ours! that you don't have to wait months and figure out how to compost properly, you just dissolve a bag in a a few minutes, while watching how it happens, which is awesome!


Help us really reduce plastic waste, dissolving one bag at a time!

What does the Ocean means to us?

We love this question! The ocean for us is life and to be honest we can be away from the ocean for more than a couple of days, which is why our Co-Founder Jose surf almost every day and Nati swims quite regularly.

Being in the ocean gives us a happiness that we cannot fully explain, but it fills us with motivation and energy to do things and help others and our environment! It reminds us that doing something to take care of the planet is vital and that we can't live without the ocean and everything within. We love the ocean more than anything and it’s the main reason of creating Green Ocean Group.