Our Proposal

In Green Ocean Group we are doing our best to give you one of the best sustainable packaging alternatives to toxic plastic bags, better than just compostable, but also dissolvable with water! Our water-soluble and compostable products will probably reduce plastics from polluting our oceans and killing all marine life.

If our water-soluble products get to the ocean, unlike single-use plastic items, they will stretch and breakdown within days, weeks, or months (we can't really confirm how long), but this will help to avoid marine life to suffocate or fishes to dangerously intoxicate if eating them, as they are not made of heavy toxic materials 

The Facts

  • Around 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by the Ocean (now heavily affected by plastic waste)
  • Plastic production is around 300 million tons every year which around 50% is for single-use purposes
  • Around 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year
  • Only 12% of plastics are recycled in Australia
  • It´is estimated to double up to 16 million metric tons of plastic waste in 2025

Our Proposal

  • Microplastic-free waste products 
  • Reusable products (except for raw material and packaging film)
  • Easy, fast, and fun disposal 
  • One of the first dissolvable retail bags and packaging film in Australia
  • Able to reduce waste from landfill and oceans
  • Avoiding recycling and compost hassle
  • Help to reduce global warming and keep oceans clean
  • Sustainable solution to replace toxic bags
  • Certified biodegradable and compostable 
  • Customized size, design, and quantity
  • Planting trees for every sale to offset carbon emissions

Our Goals

  • Ocean and marine life protection 
  • Fast reduction of plastic pollution in the world
  • Replace most plastic bags worldwide
  • Fight against deforestation

How we want to help

  • Reduce severely toxic plastic consumption, and therefore, people's daily carbon footprint by using water-soluble solutions
  • Help the population with the confusion of recycling 
  • Protect marine life at all cost
  • Planting trees for every order through our partner Tree-nation. Trees give roughly 6% of the world oxygen and to keep absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.