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Laundry Bags | Water-Soluble & Compostable

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Size:  660mm x 840mm (in stock) / 710mm x 990mm / 914mm x 990mm 

Thickness:  25 microns (0.025mm)

Colours:   Natural, Red, and Orange (customized colour available)

Lead Time:  3 to 4 weeks (stock available for hot water-soluble 660mm x 840mm)

Material:  70% PVAL (polyvinyl alcohol) + 30% Additives (it doesn´t contain toxic petroleum-based plastic)

Storage:  Up to 1-2 years of shelf life in good storage conditions (clean, dry, and cool place)

Disposal: ​ Dissolve the bag with cold, warm, and hot water in the washing machine process, releasing non-toxic H2O and carbon

Donations:  We will plant 1 to 500 trees per order to offset carbon emissions and restore nature ❤  (Here is our Forest)


**Shipping cost can be sent before buying or it can also be paid after buying so we start producing in the meantime. Please contact us with your address to send you an accurate shipping cost** 



✔ DISSOLVABLE_ Very cool cold, warm, or hot water-soluble laundry bags that will dissolve from solid to liquid during the washing and disinfection process, releasing non-toxic H2O and carbon (check our video on the images). This incredibly simple process will help avoid infections (specially Covid-19) helping your business and its customers reduce toxic plastic waste and keep your people safe.

✔ SUITABLE FOR ALL BUSINESSES_Very suitable for small, medium, or large businesses, especially store owners like you that want real zero-waste sustainable bags for your customers.

✔ ECO-FRIENDLY_It´s amazingly good for the environment, the ocean, marine life, seagulls, reducing plastic waste, and making you and your customers feel awesome as it will dissolve from the earth in minutes...  and it can be an amazing marketing campaign to boost your business as well. 

✔ FEELS AWESOME_These and all our water-soluble bags are soft at touch, elastic, very strong, odor retentive, gas and solvent resistant, and fully biodegradable, almost like any other green bag out there, except you can DISSOLVE this one after use!

 I BET YOU HAVE SEEN THIS MATERIAL_The bag film has the same material as wrapping film from laundry or dishwasher capsules that dissolve when in contact with water. 

✔ CONDITIONS_This bag is not water-proof so please don´t stand in the rain with them! This bag is not recyclable, but better, it´s dissolvable. Like every bag in the world, keep them out of the reach of children!

NEED SAMPLES?_ We got you covered! We can send samples worldwide on request, just let us know what product /size you are interested in and your address here



Hospitals, Healthcare, Hotels, Accommodations, Hospitality sectors


✔ Water-soluble (dissolvable)
✔ Fully Biodegradable
✔ Anti-static 
✔ Standard dimensions (avoid struggling to figure out your size)
✔ Not petroleum-based plastic
✔ Foldable
✔ Non-toxic
✔ Custom branding (for +30,000pcs)
✔ One or two colour printing
✔ Australian owned company
✔ Shipping worldwide
✔ We will plant 1 to 500 trees per order to offset carbon emissions 


Perforated Roll packing:

✔ 25pcs/roll; 8rolls/carton, total 200pcs/carton.
✔ 660mmx840mm carton size:5cm X 25.5cm X 15cm
✔ 710mmx990mm carton size:5cm X 25.5cm X 16cm
✔ 914mmx990mm carton size:5cm X 25.5cm X 17cm


FDA (Food and Drug testing from SGS) / MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


Shelf life is 9-24 months in good storage conditions. Store it in a dry, clean, and damp-proof place. For more information on storage, handling, and how to dispose of the bags, please read our operation instructions sheet here


    • The shipping cost will be sent after purchase. If you want the shipping cost in advanced, please contact us here
    • Australia Delivery:  20 to 30 days on DDU terms (import duties and taxes charges will apply)
    • International Delivery:  20 to 40 days (import duties and taxes charges might apply). Shipping to the rest of the world will be on CIF terms (Cost, insurance, and freight) or otherwise arranged between the parties.
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