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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

About the products

1. What are PVOH water-soluble products?

Water-soluble means our products are able to dissolve. The component that makes this possible is called Polyvinyl alcohol (also known as PVOH, PVAL or PVA), which is an odorless, biodegradable, non-toxic and water-soluble synthetic polymer.

This synthetic polymer is a substance made up of many, many molecules all strung together. It starts its life as ethylene, a natural gaseous hormone given off by plants that cause the fruit to ripen. In this case, the ethylene is synthetically produced (but nature-identical), then turned into vinyl acetate through a chemical reaction with oxygen and acetic acid (in a diluted form known as vinegar), then polymerized (bonded to form repeating molecules) and then dissolved in alcohol to become a water-soluble polymer (Source: 

Just for you to get an idea, this has the same component that you see on the laundry and dishwasher pods or capsules wrapping, which dissolves while in contact with water, releasing the detergent.

​We have two options for dissolution:


a. Cold water, which can be dissolved at ≥10°C to 25°C (approx.)

b. Hot water, which can be dissolved at >75°C.

For shopping bags, we recommend products that dissolve in hot water at 70°C to be confident that the item won´t be dissolved easily.

2. Are there any other products with PVOH?

Some noteworthy applications include fully soluble *laundry sacks for hospitals, *automatic dishwasher soap tablets, window washing concentrate capsules, toilet blocks, mold releasing films, as well as water-soluble, capsules, pouches, and *films for toxic herbicides, pesticides, cement additives, and dyes and pigments.

* We also sell the products shown underlined.

3. How can I buy Wholesale products?

We do wholesales, which means there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement according to the size of the products which should vary between 60,000 and 100,000 units minimum. We also have a Pre-Sales format to have a lower MOQ requirement, but where it can take more time for the delivery.


Please specify is you want Wholesale or Pre-Sale on your message.


You can contact us here and get a quote sending us your product specifications, including the following:

  • Product name (type)

  • Product dimensions filling this formula:

    • Formula:  25um * width (290mm + 60*2mm gusset) * length 500mm (gusset only if apply)

    • Notes 1:  For the Forest and Beach bags we recommend minimum 30um thickness

    • Notes 2:  Zero Film lengths come in 500m, 1000m and 1500metres.

  • Solid or Transparent bag colour

  • Shipment location

  • Shipment insurance (Yes / No)

  • If you need to print your branding we offer 1 colour printing option, but we don´t quite recommend it as the ink won´t be able to dissolve with the bag. We are still looking for a better solution.

4. What can I do if I want to buy fewer products than the MOQ required, is there any other option?

Yes! We are all about sharing these products to replace plastics as quickly as possible, so we have created a Pre-Sales format to be able for small businesses to purchase a reduced amount of bags.

Pre-Sales format is a pre-order made by you and other small business in order to reach the full MOQ of that specific bag type, and when this happens, we will deliver the product to all specified locations.

5. Will it affect if you use the product (bags) on rainy days?

The rain won´t affect the bag if it doesn´t get wet for long, but we recommend not to use it on rainy days or near water situations. 

6. What will happen if I forget to dissolve the product and throw it out?

The PVA products are certified compostable products which if not dissolved, will biodegrade into water and carbon dioxide for more than 90% within 180 days under composting conditions, and more than 60% in 180 days under aqueous medium (if fish eat it, it can be digested with no danger to marine life)

7. Is it harmful to humans and the environment?

The products are certified as compostable and non-toxic material, therefore, not harmful to humans and marine life contact, but, we strongly suggest not to diggest it and avoiding direct contact with food. If the bags are not dissolved and get to the ocean, the marine life can eat it and it won´t cause any danger for them.

8. Are these PVOH products certified?

Yes, we have the SGS reports about toxicity and Biodegradation and Compostable certifications from Europe (EN13432), Japan (JBPA GreenPla), and the United States (ASTM D6400). We are in the process of the Australasian Bioplastics Association certification (ABA) at the moment.

9. What´s the load capacity of the bags?

To put an example, a bag size of 300mm x 450mm, 35 microns (um) thickness, can carry around 3kg to 5kg. If you need the bags to hold more weight, then the thickness has to be bigger.


Do you still have questions?

Please, let us know!