FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

What are GOG products are made of?

    Water-soluble means our products are able to dissolve in water (usually >15°C for cold water and >70°C for hot water) The component that makes this possible is called PVAL or Polyvinyl alcohol (also known as PVOH or PVA), which is odorless, biodegradable, non-toxic, and water-soluble polymer. PVAL comes from natural gas /synthetically produced) and is a fully biodegradable substance.

    Just for you to get an idea, this has the same component that you see on the laundry and dishwasher pods wrapping, which dissolves while in contact with water.

    What do the bags or film release when you dissolve them?

    When you dissolve a bag it releases H2O and carbon dioxide, which are not toxic for human contact. This residue should be poured down the sink so microorganisms can finish it, if any. But please don't drink the residue as it might cause vomiting and it´s not made for human testing.

    What is the difference with regular compostable bags?

    Well, for starters, our bags are able to dissolve with cold or hot water! Our bags are made of non-toxic materials, similar to regular compostable bags. Something in common is that our bags and film also contain cornstarch, which helps for compostability.

    One difference is that our bags are not waterproof and regular compostable bags are (for a while), but that's the whole idea of ours! that you don't have to wait months and figure out how to compost properly, you just dissolve a bag in a a few minutes, while watching how it happens, which is awesome!

    Can I compost GOG bags as well?

    Yes! you certainly can. All bags and packaging film are certified industrial compostable, therefore you can check with your local council for compost bins and pick up services. Some people might try to compost them at home, why not? We just can´t confirmed or certified it will take the same time as industrial composting. 

    At what temperature can I dissolve my bags?

    We have two types of PVAL (water-soluble) products:

    1. Cold water-soluble products can be dissolved at ≥10°C to 25°C (approx.) 
    2. Warm/Hot water-soluble products can be dissolved at >70°C.

    Is the bag or film drinkable?

      No, please don’t try to drink it as it is not made for human testing. If you drink it accidentally, it might cause vomit. And please keep the bags out of the reach of children.

      What will happen if the bag or film goes to landfill?

        We encourage customers to reuse the bag as much as possible as shopping on supermarkets or at the mall, and then dissolve it at home. In case it goes to landfill (worst-case scenario) the bag might decompose slowly in a few months/years (we can´t confirm how long) it will just depend on the conditions.

        ​Our PVAL products are certified compostable products which if not dissolved, will decompose into water and carbon dioxide at about 90% within 180 days under composting conditions, and more than 60% in 180 days under aqueous medium. The remaining % will finish decomposing in the next few weeks. 

        What will happen if the bag or film goes to the ocean?

        The bag or film will soften, stretch and break down eventually, even though we cannot confirm how fast, we can tell you that our products are certified with no heavy metals, and therefore non-toxic, and digestible for marine life (no extreme danger), which will reduce the problem of ocean waste significantly! 

        What is the main purpose of the bags and packaging film?

          Bags main purpose is to carry items between depending on the bag size and thickness. Packaging film main purpose is to wrap an item to keep it clean and away from dust.

          Packaging film can´t be used to wrap any type of food and produce (especially the ones that create moisture). Please be aware that our packaging film, Garment bags, and 3-side sealed bags in shipping should be only used as inner packaging inside a well-sealed outer packaging.

          Can we customize the bags?

            Yes, you can customize the size, thickness, branding (printing), bag colour, and quantity, so pretty much everything! Every change on your bag will change the pricing, and the more you get, the less you spend per unit.

            What is the printing ink made of?

              The printing ink has no compostable certification, but it does not contain any heavy metal, no benzene, and ketone. We do, however, recommend to our clients that they try to minimize the printing for an eco-friendlier product.

              What happens to the bags or film in the rain?

                The bag or film will soften, stretch, and break down under heavy rain in around 5 to 10 minutes. We don’t recommend to use these or any bags really when raining.

                How can I buy products in bulk​?

                We offer bulk orders, with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 150kgs, where the quantity varies according to the size of the products. Please click here to send your requirements and get a quote.

                Is it harmful to humans and the environment?

                The products are certified as compostable and non-toxic material, therefore, not harmful to humans and marine life contact, but, we strongly suggest not to digest them as it might cause vomiting. 

                ​Are these PVAL products certified?

                Yes, we have the SGS toxicity reports and we also have biodegradable and compostable certifications from Japan (JBPA GreenPla), Europe (EN13432), and the United States (ASTM D6400). These certifications confirm that 90% of the bag will decompose in industrial compostable conditions, within 180 days.

                ​What is the load capacity of the bags?

                To put an example, a bag size of 300mm x 450mm, 35 microns (um) thickness, can carry between 2kg to 4kg. If you need the bags to hold more weight, then the thickness has to be bigger.


                If you have any further questions please contact us here or send us an email to sales@greenoceangroup.org