PVAL The Formula

So... what ingredients makes our unique water-soluble bags able to dissolve in water?

The answer is Polyvinyl Alcohol (also known as PVAL, PVOH or PVA). It comes in solid resin granules used in blown film machines that makes all types of bags. Yes, we offer this PVAL raw material as well for all plastic manufacturers out there to move to a much more sustainable option.

That sounds cool but, what is it really?

Polyvinyl alcohol is a synthetic polymer, which is a substance made up of many molecules all strung together, and comes from natural gas (a natural gaseous hormone given off by plants that causes the fruit to ripen) which is synthetically produced (not from fossil energy) that is biodegradable. PVAL plus additives that are non-toxic makes water-soluble bags able to dissolve with water and leave the earth in minutes instead of 500 years, yieww!


Have I seen it before? 

Probably yes, most people have used or seen detergent pods or capsules wrapped in PVAL film that dissolves when in contact with water. PVAL film is widely used on this as this it’s strong, colorless, odorless, biodegradable and non-toxic! GOG products are made of the same material with some changes here and there, but basically different additives and temperatures.


What are the benefits of water-soluble PVAL bags?

Our products will dissolve in a few minutes with cold or hot water (depending on the bag type). The fact that we made a bag reusable and then able to be dissolved for us sounds like the pretty good alternative to ugly plastics!

This means that single-use plastic bags and packaging doesn't have to be the best option. Biodegradable, compostable, and all bag alternatives out there might be able to degrade (in a long time) but PVAL water-soluble bags can dissolve massively, and unlike biodegradable options, where most of them will leave microplastics.

By using and dissolving water-soluble bags will help avoid for more toxic bags getting to the ocean and reducing plastic waste at the same time.

Alternatively, our water-soluble packaging can stretch and break down in the ocean as is moisture sensitive, even though we cannot confirm how fast, we can tell you that while it decomposes, our products are certified with no heavy toxic metals, and therefore non-toxic, and digestible for marine life (with no extreme danger), which will reduce the problem of ocean waste significantly! 

If you don't like this image (we truly don't)... help us dissolve plastic pollution, easy!


    We can happily say that PVAL is now developed into retail bags and packaging film that has the same identical use and strength as single-use plastic bags, used in many different applications, which means, water-soluble and compostable products might be one of the best sustainable packaging options available in the market to replace single-use plastic bags and films, and reduce plastic waste, and fast, dissolving one bag at a time!... just saying


    ¡Yes, LOVE it!