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PVAL Raw material | Water-soluble granules

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Colour:   Natural 

Material:  70% PVAL (polyvinyl alcohol) + 30% Glycerin 

Lead time:  3 to 4 weeks


AUD 6.2/kg for 1,000kgs-3,000kgs (USD 4.5/kg) 

AUD 5.5/kg for >3,001kgs (USD 4/kg)

Benefits:  DISSOLVABLE / Non-toxic / Plastic manufacturers can produce them as well / Planting from 1 to 500 trees per order to offset carbon emissions and restore nature Donations:  We will plant 1 to 500 trees per order to offset carbon emissions and restore nature ❤  (Here is our Forest)


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✔ WHAT IS IT?_ PVAL raw material granules are made of polyvinyl alcohol + starch + additives ingredients which are non-toxic. These are commonly used for blown film and injection machines, in order to create hot water-soluble and compostable products. 

HOW MANY BAGS CAN I MAKE WITH 1,000kgs?_ As a reference, with 1,000kgs (MOQ) you will be able to make around 50,000 bags of 350mm x 450mm x 25um

✔ DISSOLVABLE_ We have two very awesome types of PVOH granules, one that can be dissolved in hot water (above 65 degrees), and the other one that can be dissolved in room temperature water (around 25 degrees).

✔ SUITABLE FOR PACKAGING MANUFACTURERS_Very suitable for your small, medium, or big size manufacturers to move into sustainable packaging and boost your company in these eco-friendly product times.

✔ ECO-FRIENDLY_It´s great to make water-soluble bags that are amazingly good for the environment, the ocean, marine life, seagulls, reducing plastic waste, and making you and your customers feel awesome as it will dissolve from the earth in minutes...  and it can be an amazing marketing campaign to boost your business as well. 

✔ FEELS AWESOME_These raw material will be able to make many different water-soluble bags are soft at touch, elastic, very strong, odor retentive, gas and solvent resistant, and fully biodegradable, almost like any other green bag out there, except you can DISSOLVE this one after use!

✔ OCEAN SAFE_If the bags you make for your customers get to the ocean, then these bags will stretch, breakdown, and start decomposing to avoid marine life suffocation or intoxication and saving our oceans from toxic plastics!

 I BET YOU HAVE SEEN THIS MATERIAL_The bag film has the same material as wrapping film from laundry or dishwasher capsules that dissolve when in contact with water. 

✔ CONDITIONS_This bag is not waterproof so please don´t stand in the rain with your groceries! This bag is not recyclable, but better, it´s dissolvable and industrially compostable. Please don´t drink the residue liquid after dissolving the bag (could cause vomiting). Like every bag in the world, keep them out of the reach of children!




✔ Excellent film formation
✔ High bonding power
✔ Good barrier properties
✔ Can be combined with many reactants
✔ Water-soluble (dissolvable)
✔ Fully Biodegradable
✔ No health hazards
✔ Not petroleum-based plastic
✔ Foldable
✔ Non-toxic
✔ Australian owned company
✔ Shipping worldwide
✔ We will plant 1 to 500 trees per order to offset carbon emissions 



✔ Raw material granules come in bags of 25kgs
✔ One pallet per 1,000kgs (approximately)
✔ 1.5CBM per pallet (approximately)


FDA (Food and Drug testing from SGS) / MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


Keep in a sealed bag/box until you use it. Store it in a dry, clean, and damp-proof location.


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    • International Delivery:  20 to 40 days (import duties and taxes charges might apply). Shipping to the rest of the world will be on CIF terms (Cost, insurance, and freight) or otherwise arranged between the parties.
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